Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Like A Mini Christmas :D!!

Look how many packets were waiting for me last Friday when I got home after spending the whole week at my school dorm!
10 packets/letters for me! Definitely a great mail day *u*

(My whole family were wondering those packets, and 3/4 family members sent me text messages during the week: "you have got loads of mail!!" xD)

Let's take a closer look on some of the things~

4 of the packets contained clothes, so I won't be showing them here.

My first card ever from Ohio!! It's also my very first card that I received through Postcrossing ^_^ 

I don't know whether anyone remembers, but I wrote about my first card to Taiwan previously and how it hadn't arrived although it had been such a long time. Well, finally the girl who I sent the card to, registered my card and apologized for being late.  I'm relieved that the card did not get lost during the journey and I'm glad she liked my card I picked for her. 

3 new post stamps from The United States :)

those Hello Kitty stickers I got from Hello Kitty #8 -swap ^_^

10 rolls of Rilakkuma deco-tape =D Okay, I did not intent to buy them but I couldn't resist the cheap prize! 

Lastly, I got those super cute I♥Miffy inks >w< I bought them on Ebay!

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