Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorite Candy Swap August .

I joined the Favorite Candy Swap - August already a long time ago, and sent my packets to my partners. However, I received a packet only from one of my two partners. The another partner of mine flaked on me :--( It was my first time someone cheated on me at Swap-pot (and hopefully also the last time!) I don't understand why some people must be like that, first join swap and then never sent anything, they just make others feel bad!! 
 Anyway, today I got a small packet from ClumsyKisses in UK. She angeled me! (=she was "an angel" and sent me the swap because the flaker swapper didn't) 

The "postage paid" stamp is SO COOL!! UK mail is Royal mail and there is a picture of a Queen. I'l keep that sticker for ever haha ! Because usually those "postage paid" stamps are plain boring.

The sweets. She sent me her favorite British chocolates. I like them very much and I'll share them with my little brother(he was even more excited over the candy swap than I was! I always share all the foreigner candies with him :))

Thank you so much for angeling for me, ClumsyKisses ♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪


  1. And we meet again! This is such a fun swap and right up my alley but I can't afford the international postage :(

    -Zefaniya (swapbot follow me #7)

  2. Hey, I really like your blog! I will follow.
    These moons and stars flying around are amazing. :)
    SusiLetter from swap-bot
    Swap: follow me #7

  3. Love your snail! So cute. I'm sorry you got flaked on. I got flaked on for a warm winter item when I had crocheted a scarf for my partner, so I was not happy! It's sad people do that. But it looks like you have a ton of fun with swapping. =0)

    I'm Sweettems on Swap-Bot and came by for the Follow Me #7 Swap. My blog:

  4. I never got flacked on so far (I think so)
    Luckily you got an angel :D
    Haha, your bro is lucky too to have you sharing the goodies with him! :D

    -- cfchai (Swap: Follow me #7)

  5. I have never been flaked.. Or I havent flaaked someone else.
    Sadly this person flaked you..
    Lovely gift you got from uk

    ica1986 on swapbot

    follow me #7

  6. I'm sorry that you were flaked on. I've had several people flake on me and it's not a very nice feeling. I've never flaked and I've resent and have been an angel a few times so I understand that feeling. I'm so glad that someone was an angel for you.

    Now that I've rambled on...that stamp is really cool looking. I don't usually do international swaps because of postage cost but this swap sounds like a lot of fun.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  7. I'm in the UK Which one was your favorite? :)

    Pookledo at swapbot


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