Wednesday, August 1, 2012

incoming and outgoing mail + a cool Samsung campaign!!

Last week I sent this letter to HongKong. The envelope is special because I fold it myself ^0^ I think it turned out pretty good considering it was my first time trying to make that kind of origami :)

And then there are two letters to U.S. One to my penpal Emily and another one is for ATC swap :) I already sent the letter to Emily, but the letter for the swap I couldn't sent yet since I ran out of money D:  Recently I've joined quite many swaps and already bought stuff for them(and for myself lol) happily, but this week I noticed that I did not remember to save money for the postage!! *stupid* Fortunately I'll have a pay day soon ^0^

Today I got my very first letter from Norway from Ann!! I was amazed it arrived to Finland only in two days!

The stamp :)

She also sent me some very beautiful photos of Norway that she has taken herself. I was so glad to receive them because I love to see pictures from other countries, not only those typical tourist pictures :) 

My reply to Ann. Can't sent it before 10th due to money problems lol. 

These are cards that I sent for free HERE to my family members and for myself. The meme card for my brother, the landscape cards for my parents(I took the pictures last year in Turkey) and the handsome(xD) boy for myself  (*´▽`*) He is my favorite character from my favorite drama :'D I also sent another card for my youngest brother, but for some reason it did not arrive at the same time with those cards. 
I recommend to send cards through that site, it is an Olympics campaign of Samsung to send cards for free to friends. You don't have to own a Samsung phone to use the program! It is very nice! It's open until 31th of August!

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