Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Packet From South Korea♡♡

This packet is from my best and dearest penpal Yeon ♡

It has been about a whole year since I received a letter from her!!!
Although it has been such a long time...we still kept in contact through KakaoTalk(a chat app for smart phones) and Facebook. We've known each other for about 4 years so it's almost impossible to get rid of one another xD I can always tell her many things~and discuss with her about many things :) I'm so happy to have a penpal like her and I want to treasure our friendship FOREVER! =D

Anyways, I'm sure you are curious to see what the packet contained, right? So here you go~
Omg so many things!

~Noodles, Green Tea Latte, Chocolate Pies, polaroid pictures, and of course a letter~ 

I was so happy to hear what's up with her. ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡
I'll reply her as soon as possible and send her many great things~ 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Received Sticker Bags☆

I got 5 sticker bags full of stickers a while ago! 

I sent one of them home as I was the last signer , but I still have 4 more SBs to pass on. 
Is there anyone who would like to get one or two or even all four bags to themselves? 
Because I don't really have anyone who to send them, so I would be more than happy to pass them on to some of my readers who have some nice stickers to put in the bag! If you're interested, please mail me at satsumaimo94[at]gmail[dot]com or comment below and leave your e-mail address and I'll contact you shortly. You don't have to pay at all to get a bag for yourself, I'll pay for the postage, so don't worry and just contact me! :D 

Incoming and outgoing letters and postcards!

First of all, thank you all 19 readers! I can't imagine my blog interests so many people. I'm so happy to share my passion with you girls!   (*´▽`*)ノ゛ 

>>>Incoming mail>>>

From my penpal Emily from The States. I love her envelope!!!

From Mamie from Philippines. 

From Kam from Hong Kong and Ann from Norway! It has been a rather long time since I heard of them last time, so it was nice to hear their news :)

These post cards are from my penpal Katy ^-^ I really like them!!

This came via Postcrossing. My first card ever from Russia !!

And this is from Italy, Napoli ^_^

>>>Outgoing mail>>>

To Emily!! Do you like the envelope? I made it myself ! The background paper is my self-made old-looking paper. I wanted to make a vintage(?) inspired envelope, and I must say this might be my nicest mail art thing I've created so far :)

To Mamie. I hope you'll receive it soon! 

This will be headed to Singapore to Katrina for our private post card swap. I wanted to send a postcard of a typical Finnish landscape so I chose this card. I hope she'll like it :)

This I sent to Russia. This is my very first card to Russia, so I'm excited. I really like the card because it's misty and mysterious :D

A photo of my favorite Finnish stamps. What do you think of them? I like the colors!! I wish to find more those stamps so I could attach them onto my outgoing mail :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Snail Mail Kit, Asian Junk & Favorite Candy Swaps!!

Last week has been a rather busy post week! I have got a lot of packets or letters!! My friends are almost as excited over my post as I am(at least it feels so), they're always snooping around the post box(which is located in our school building) and informing me "you've got mail!!!" and they also want to explore all the things that I get lol ! 

Anyway, last Friday I finally got a packet from my Snail Mail Kit -partner  ♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪
Super cool Spongebob tape =D

What is inside...?!
Postcards, gel pens, loose writing paper, note book, envelopes, tape...

My favorite card

My second favorite card. I like how it represents Seattle,Washington at night, it's so beautiful!!

Tape!! I like it because it's more thick than normal tape so it's good for taping packages!

All in all I'm very pleased with the package and want to say my thanks to Lynden Monof2. 

Second packet arrived from Australia. It was my first time to receive a packet from there!

The package contained Hello Kitty sweets! I shared the candy with my friends and brother & mom and everyone liked them a lot =D

This is for Asian Junk -4 swap! I think the first envelope got lost during its journey to Finland because I never received it so my partner re-sent the swap!

I loved all those Asian related photos , papers and postcards!! Thank you, Joyce ( ・_・)♡

This was all for today!

Friday, September 14, 2012


The 3rd swap I'm hosting is "Small Christmas/holiday card swap". 
I created it with my friend!! 
We saw some similar swaps on Swap-pot, but they all required to send 5 or even more postcards, so we decided to make our own swap which is good for those who can't/want send a lot of cards. Everyone will have only 2 partners who to send a card. 

The last day to join is November 15 (I know it's still A LONG time before November xD)
and the cards must be sent by November 30. 

If you want to join, please CLICK HERE ♡♡

Monday, September 10, 2012

An order on YOZOCRAFT

Long time no see! I'm back with a little package from YOZOCRAFT! is a whole-sale who sells almost anything you can dream of, from stationary to deco-tapes and other snail mail/craft stuff!
This was my first time I purchased something on there, and I was very pleased with my order ^_^!!!

This is what I bought; 3 cards, letter set, loose envelopes, hand-writing letter pad and a small memo pad.
The whole order cost me total only about 16 dollars, shipping cost was 6 dollars(everything is shipped from China)

~Close-ups of the letter paper and envelopes~

I was a bit suspicious of the quality since all of them were so cheap, but in the end all of them were excellent quality! One con though; they smell like cellar. I mean the smell when you go under the ground? Anyways, it is not a very pleasant smell, I guess the products are stored in some kind of cellar. 

I will buy all my snail mail stuff on this page from now on and I highly recommend the shop for my readers too!!! Cuz I know letter sets and all stationary tends to be sooo expensive !!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Self-made Sticker Bags 2



I joined again Sticker Bags-swap since I have still two SBs from the previous swap waiting for to be passed on. (I haven't had a change to pass them on) 

If you would like to join the Sticker Bag Swap too, click here ヾ(@⌒‿⌒@)ノ.
Last day to join is September 6. 
The deadline to send off the bags is Sep. 14, but I was bored so my bags are already ready to be sent xD

This time I made only very simple looking bags, but I think they're okay. What do you think about them?
On the yellow-pink one I wrote "only cute stickers" because I don't want rubbish stickers -__-- Well it's up to the receiver whether she will add some cute stickers or just normal ones. (And it also depends on the receiver what she sees as cute and what not..)