Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My first postcards from MALAYSIA and TAIWAN (*^∀^*)/!!!!

It is a post card from Aarti who asked me to do direct postcard swap with her! I was so happy when she asked me to exchange cards with her and even more happy when I received the card ^,^ The card represents the Twin Towers in Malaysia. I like how they look a bit futuristic. Thank you for the card, Aarti. I already picked a card for you but I'll not post a picture of it because I want it to be a surprise! 

Malaysian stamp.

~From TAIWAN:~
It is from Cherish who I sent a card via Postcrossing. After she received my card, she wanted to send one for me as well. She is so kind (ღˇ◡ˇ)♥ Thank you, I like the card a lot!

Taiwanese stamp!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Lot of Postcards

Sorry for the lack of updates but I haven't got any mail lately :[ Well I myself have been quite inactive what comes to sending mail as I got a hold of myself and sent a few postcards^^

First of all, I bought those postcards at flea store. They cost only 0,30 cents/piece! 

Those two cards are for Postcrossing, one for the United States and another one for Netherlands :)

These two are for I love postcard swaps -swap! I really like the card with the building, cuz it represents the old architecture and it's old-looking. I hope my partners will like the cards I chose for them ^0^

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorite Candy Swap August .

I joined the Favorite Candy Swap - August already a long time ago, and sent my packets to my partners. However, I received a packet only from one of my two partners. The another partner of mine flaked on me :--( It was my first time someone cheated on me at Swap-pot (and hopefully also the last time!) I don't understand why some people must be like that, first join swap and then never sent anything, they just make others feel bad!! 
 Anyway, today I got a small packet from ClumsyKisses in UK. She angeled me! (=she was "an angel" and sent me the swap because the flaker swapper didn't) 

The "postage paid" stamp is SO COOL!! UK mail is Royal mail and there is a picture of a Queen. I'l keep that sticker for ever haha ! Because usually those "postage paid" stamps are plain boring.

The sweets. She sent me her favorite British chocolates. I like them very much and I'll share them with my little brother(he was even more excited over the candy swap than I was! I always share all the foreigner candies with him :))

Thank you so much for angeling for me, ClumsyKisses ♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Postcards & An Outgoing Letter

Three beautiful post cards *^_____________^*
(I guess I over-edited that photo a little lol)

The first one is from Carla from CHILE!! I love the postcard very much. Thank you, Carla ^_^ I hope you'll receive my card soon, too. 

The Chile post stamps. Look at the prize of the stamps; $390, $310 and $10. How it can be!! I think there in Chile must be inflation. 

The second card is from Астрахань. <--- It means Astrakhan in Russian. I wanted to write it in Russian cuz I started to study Russian recently teehee =D This card became one of my very favorites because I love to see different architecture (especially traditional Chinese, old-style or futuristic ^_^)!

Russian stamps. 

Last card is from Australia!! My first card ever from there!! 

So many stamps there and here ^0^

Lastly, this is a letter to Rosa to U.K. that I sent recently. I hope she will receive it soon! I made the envelope myself out of a Korean choco pie box =D

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Tour Around My Desktop~:D

I made a tour around my desktop in my dorm room and now I'm going to show you where I always write letters and where I keep all my snail mail equipment~ :) I've wanted to make this kind of post for a long time because I myself like to see others' rooms and environment ^,^

On the wall where my bed is, I have this bulletin board where I attach my favorite & new postcards and other photos :)

My side of the desk ^___^ 

My pencil case :D

This corner is where I keep all my incoming letters, outgoing letters, received postcards that I don't have on the bulletin board and the cards that I've bought but haven't send yet. 

The box where is all the postcards. 

Outgoing and incoming mail :) When I've replied to the letters I've received, I usually take them home where I have a box dedicated to all my letters. I have saved every single letter I've received during the last ~5 years and I like to re-read them sometimes ^_^

A shelf where I have all my school books and make-up products and I have attached two postcards on it too. 

Left side of my desk. The red box is for my 10,20 and 50 cent coins :D Then there are my Pen holder which I've decorated myself :D Next to the pens is another box full of random hair stuff, jewels and make-up. 

Close pic of the box where I have all my deco-tapes and other important stuff such as glue and regular tape that I need almost every day. The red Chinese lucky bag with the cute bunny is where I have post stamps, air mail stickers and address labels. 

The drawer. Straight from the 80's =D (I think)

The top drawer where I have my note books, a few CDs that I am yet to bring home(I have my CD collection there) and penpal stuff.

The bag where I have all my envelopes, writing papers, stickers etc.

This is inside of the bag. 

 Inside of the letter writing set :D

 Close pics.

The middle drawer. I have my electronics, wallet, passport etc. important things there but also a box where is my craft stuff and a folder full of magazine cuts. (I always cut off every beautiful picture cuz it can be used for mail art)

Last drawer. I have blister and used packets and boxes there. I always keep all the packing materials I receive because I tend  to reuse them as much as possible. It's good for my wallet and for the environment! =D

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Outgoing mail and postcards from NY and Singapore

A pile of mail to Hong Kong, United States, Finland and South Korea :)

This envelope contains Sticker Bags and it is going to the reader of my blog, Melissa! Please let me know when you receive it :) I have a small worry inside me that the envelope will travel to KUALA LUMPUR instead of FINLAND because on the front side of the envelope reads "Kuala Lumpur"..=D Melissa, if you don't receive the envelope during the following days, it is most likely on its way to the other side of the world! :D (well I wrote on her address "Finland" just in case because we will never know how carelessly the post men handles the mail :( ) 

My first card ever from Singapore. It's from Katrina, thank you very much ^__^

This card came from New York due to "Post Card Penpals" swap that I joined on Swap-pot. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Letter From The United Kingdom!!

This beautiful letter is from Rosa ^____^
I really liked her envelope and it was so nice to read her letter and get to know her!

She sent me photos, postcard from Tokyo, pen, stickers and letter. 
Thank you ^_^

Monday, October 1, 2012

I got a reply to my feedback =D

You may remember that I wrote about my misfortune on sending my letter to Norway some time ago. I sent some feedback for Finnish post, and got a reply on Friday 31th, August (^_^)!! (already a month ago!!!)

(click to enlarge)

The e-mail is in Finnish, but they told me their apologies and offered a compensation by paying for the extra stamps that I had to buy. I am very pleased with their friendly service. I did not send the feedback in hopes to gain some compensation but simply wanted to tell about my experience, but of course I'm happy if they want to indemnify me a little. :)

So finally a few days back I got a letter from Posti:

Post stamps that I received ^.^