Monday, September 30, 2013

Incoming Postcards Week #10

From China. New Peking Opera postcard to my collection!

The three cards above are all from the same girl who I swapped with. 

From South Korea. Such a cute card!

These two cards arrived from my penpal in Singapore. I want to go to the Universal Studios too o(≧∀≦)o

Dragon card!

Train from Taiwan. 

From Greece. 

From Thailand when one of my good swap partners visited there ^o^

My first Totoro card!! This card was sent to me by the same girl as the first Peking Opera card. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letters from my penpals in Finland, Japan and U.S.A

Long letter from my Finnish penpal  (●^o^●)

 From a Japanese girl~ Her envelope is lovely!

 From a penpal in the US, who I thought had already forgotten me as I hadn't hear of her in months! She sent me currency and a CD (I haven't listened to the songs yet though {{(>_<)}} )

Sunday, September 22, 2013

100th Lucky Girl :D

I got this small gift/prize from one of my swap partners as I was the one who she sent her 100th postcard to! I've never won anything, expect when I was a kid and won a packet of crispbread :( so you can guess how happy I am now!!!

 The packet. I was amazed by the size; she had told me previously I was going to get a gift from her but didn't expect to get so many things! 

 Cute stationery. I love that panda pen ^_^

 Masking tape samples. One thing I find weird is, that although Finland is the home land of Moomins, we don't have Moomin tape for sale!!! WHY!?? :((  


 Air mail envelopes!! In the small bag is air mail labels and used stamps ^_^

 Envelopes made by her. So beautiful~

Panda stuff!! (as she knows how much I like pandas) The panda postcard is hologram! 

And this must be the most brilliant and awesome thing; Deco Rush! Instead of the normal white line which you can correct your mistakes with(I don't know how they're called), this one gives you so cute smiley faces and bunnies(you can always refill and buy different patterns, she told) :3 

Ink stamp!

I feel very joyful, I loved all the things and they were just my style☆

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Incoming Postcards Week #9

Really nice card~

New addition to my Jetoy cat family!

My mom sent this to me when visiting Turkey~ 

 Galaxy card. 

 Train coming from Hong Kong.

This is my favorite card of week #9 cards. Mysterious and so beautiful!

Detective Conan postcard! Conan is one of my favorite comics ^_^

Singapore flag card!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Freshly released stamps~

I guess you've seen the same stamps already in like ten other blogs, but yep, I've also finally received my new stamps!

I also bought some old stamps cuz I was about to run out of them. The new stamps are Autumn 2013, Angry Birds, Eero Järnefelt(sorry if I wrote his name wrongly), Sauli Niinistö(that's our president) and of course, the long-waited Postcrossing stamps! Which are your favorites and which one have you been most excited about? 
Personally I thought the Postcrossing stamps are so ugly but the more I stare at them the more I like them! Anyway, my favorites are the Autumn stamps! Now I've promised myself that I'm not gonna buy any more stamps until Christmas! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Last Ones Left

The last bunch of outgoing mail that I haven't posted here yet!

 The big orange parcel going to my Singaporean penpal. The smaller next to it going to a Taiwanese girl.

 These two parcels are both going to the same girl in Hong Kong. They are filled with tea! A while ago I sent her a few bags of Finnish tea, and she totally loved them and asked me to swap more with her! So I went and bought her two packet of tea. I had to send them in seperate packets because that way the postage was cheaper xD

 Two Finnish maps going to a Singaporean girl who collects them ^_^

 I used my special stamps that I bought. They're released in 1993 and 1994~ They're as old as I am! 

 Karl Fazer going to Japan and the pink envie to Indonesia to a girl who I swapped a few postcards with.

Lastly, these two envelopes are going to my "Let's share our washi/masking tape collections" -partners in Canada and Germany. I hope they'll like my tape designs ^o^

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Incoming Postcards Week #8

Raahaan kolme viikkoa jäljessä näiden postikorttien kanssa kun en ole kerinnyt scannailemaan niitä >_< Viikko #8 oli jo viime kuussa! Parempi kai myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan päivitellä näitä :'D

Niin söpöjä pandoja pandakokoelmaani Singaporesta *o*

 San Diegosta tämä, upea maisema/rakennelma!

 Saksasta lippukortti kokoelmaani.

 Kiinasta kortti! Keräilen tähän sarjaan kuuluvia "Chinese Festival" -kortteja. Tämä kortti kuvaa mooncake-leivonnaisten syömiseen ja keski-kesän festivaaliin liittyvää tarua.

 Singaporealaiselta kirjekaverilta! Tää on sellanen maxi-kortti!

Hello Kitty ja tämä perinteinen japanilainen piirros tuli kummatkin Japanista samalta naiselta.

Indonesiasta vintage-tyylinen kortti.

Hauska kortti Intiasta!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Private Swap with A Girl In The Netherlands

A while ago I agreed to swap with this girl. We were supposed to send a few postcards among other things. This is how my parcel to her looked like:
I'm kinda pleased with how the envelope turned out to be! I covered the whole white envie with my favorite masking tape ^w^ I purchased that yellow tape only a couple of weeks ago, but already more than half of the roll is gone!! I've used it everywhere :D

The packet she sent to me. I also liked how she had decorated her envie! 

 This is what were inside her parcel. I absolutely loved all she sent! I've already used all of those loose letter paper sheets she sent me hahaha. She also sent me a bunch of postcards but I was unsuccessful at photographing them :'(