Sunday, September 2, 2012

Self-made Sticker Bags 2



I joined again Sticker Bags-swap since I have still two SBs from the previous swap waiting for to be passed on. (I haven't had a change to pass them on) 

If you would like to join the Sticker Bag Swap too, click here ヾ(@⌒‿⌒@)ノ.
Last day to join is September 6. 
The deadline to send off the bags is Sep. 14, but I was bored so my bags are already ready to be sent xD

This time I made only very simple looking bags, but I think they're okay. What do you think about them?
On the yellow-pink one I wrote "only cute stickers" because I don't want rubbish stickers -__-- Well it's up to the receiver whether she will add some cute stickers or just normal ones. (And it also depends on the receiver what she sees as cute and what not..)

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