Thursday, June 28, 2012

Favorite Candy Swap

My first swap ever is "favorite candy swap" which I joined recently. Everyone got two partners who to sent your favorite candies to. Unfortunately I was already sent my packets to Netherlands and U.S.A. before I got the idea of creating a blog so I haven't photos of them! 
Anyway, today I received little packets from my partners! I was so exited :)

Two packets, one from U.S.A. and another one from U.K.!

 From Liz from U.K.
She sent a very nice letter as well and she told she picked the "Squares" especially for me since I told I love everything made of rice! Thank you so much!

 This is from Emily from U.S.A
She also sent another chocolate bar but I already ate it =w= She also sent a special thing, stickers! Thank you ! 


Hello and welcome to my blog (*´▽`*)ノ゛ !
Nice to meet you here!

I created this blog for my love for snail mail. I love sending and receiving mail(no bills though! :D)
I guess I'm a little old-fashioned but it is a great feeling to walk to the mail box to find there's an actual letter waiting for me. I love reading letters from friends, I feel writing and reading real letters is more personal and special than just sending e-mails or txt messages that are easily forgotten and plain, don't you agree with me?

I've been sending letters with my friends almost as long as I remember, and during middle school I got my first foreigner pen pal friend(we're still in contact with each other!) I love to get mail from overseas, I've not only improved my English but also gained great friends and learned so much about other countries, cultures and traditions. As much as I love to receive letters and learn from others, I love as much sending mail myself and tell others about my country and make someone happy with my letter and small presents (^0^)!

As for now I am not looking for new penpals or swaps. For any other inquires you may contact me anytime by sending me mail at satsumaimo94[at]gmail[dot]com, or drop a comment somewhere at my blog (。◕‿◕。)

☆A little info about myself:
Name: Jenny
Birthday: March 13th
Country: Finland
Occupation: -
Likes/interests: air mail pattern, priority labels(I'm collecting them), vintage/retro, 80's and 90's music, Korean music and dramas, cute/kawaii stuff, postcards, masking tape, stationery, elephants, pandas travelling, languages, architecture, online-shopping :D

☆Favorite postcard themes:
•Old postcards(I'm collecting old late 1800's~early/middle 1900's pcs) 
•Any historical or cultural theme
•Chinese Traditional architecture
•Temples, churches and mosques
•Vintage/propaganda adverts or posters
•Illustrated/watercolor postcards
•Night view

 Hope to see you around and please do not hesitate to ask questions or contact me for any reason (•ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​•)

Blog languages:crappy English  with occasional Finnish translations

Blog layouts: