Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Liebster Award

I got a Liebster Award from Kehräten -blog! Thank you very much  ( ・_・)♡

"Saksan kielen adjektiivi liebster tarkoittaa suosikkia, lemmikkiä tai rakasta. Liebster-tunnustuksen ajatuksena on saada huomiota blogeille, joilla on alle 200 lukijaa."

"The German adjective 'liebester' means favorite, pet, or dear. The thought behind Liebester-acknowledgment is to get attention to blogs which has less than 200 readers."

(I don't know if this is just a Finnish thing or if this award is also known among international blogs? Nevertheless, I translated it into English because I don't really read Finnish blogs =A=) 

Säännöt / Rules:
1. Kiitä antajaa ja linkitä bloggaaja, joka antoi tunnustuksen sinulle.
1. Thank and link the one who gave the award to you.

2. Valitse viisi blogia (joilla on alle 200 lukijaa) ja kerro se heille jättämällä kommentti heidän blogiinsa.
2. Choose five blogs (which has less than 200 readers) and tell them about the award by commenting on their blogs.

3. Toivo, että ihmiset, joille jätit tunnustuksen, antavat sen eteenpäin.
3. Hope, that the people who you left the award to, will give it forward.

I chose these five blogs:
(I had too hard time choosing these..;A; I read like 100000000 different blogs and almost all of them have over 200 readers!) 


This week haven't been a good mail week ;A; Fortunately it's only Wednesday so I still have two more days to wait for mail! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seven New Postcards

From Portugal via Postcrossing.

From Malaysia from Dani for International Postcard Penpals swap.

From U.S.A. via Postcrossing.

From my penpal Rosa from U.K.! The card is so cute :3 

A big card from Georgia(my first card from there!) and cards from Poland(thank you Julia for the priate PC swap ^_^)  and U.S.A.(the card was sent from the U.S. but the card itself is Japanese) 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Layout~^0^!!



What do you think of the new layout? I think the old one was better, but I guess this new one will also do.. The theme is The Space :D Actually the layout wasn't supposed to look exactly like that, I wasn't able to make it the way I wanted to so I made it a little simpler ^_^ The thing I least like in this new layout, is the "air mail sticker" on the earth. It just looks so out of place..But I was too lazy to edit it out :D
 I also changed the width of the blog, font and made other small changes!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Old Postcards Collection

I've always liked everything vintage and old and I love to wonder how the world was back then.  The thought of starting to collect old postcards have been on my mind for the longest time, and finally I started my own 'old postcards' -collection some time ago! 
I love watching the postcards, post stamps, the time stamps and reading the messages on the cards ´w` 
I have only few post cards so far, but I'm expanding my collection whenever I have the money and time to do so!

The first four cards in my collection! 

The first card on the left side is quite romantic card in my opinion (black-white and the woman on the window adjusting the man's tie(I guess) ). It's dated on 1904. The card is sent in Finland but the text is in Swedish(Swedish was commonly used in Finland because Finland used to be under the authority of Sweden. But around 1904 Finland was part of Russia). I'm not too sure what the text means in English, but I understand that 'Mathilda graduated', and 'thank you for ______'. :D

The second card is a photo of a castle in Germany. Under the picture reads "Soesl -- Wiesenkirche". The card was sent from Germany to Finland but I' not 100% sure about the year. Something about 1923? In the postal stamp reads '-'. 

The third card is my favorite card! It's a beautiful picture of a noble (high-class) girl who's looking out of the window. The card is dated in 1904. I'm not sure where the card was sent to. I guess the text on the card is Swedish and it's again for someone's graduation. 

The fourth card is a a view of The University of Embankment in Leningrad. The card is unwritten and from 1970. 

This is a 3D-card of NAGOYA-JO in Japan. It's unwritten and I guess the card is from about 1970~80 cuz it's 3D but the backside of the card is already yellowish. I bought the card because I was curious to see myself how the castle looks like in 3D haha! Of course it can't be seen on the picture above.

The last one is a rather interesting card! The card is dated in 1929, it's sent from Dublin, Ireland, to Hollywood, U.S.A. There is a message on the backside that is written in German! And now a Finnish girl is holding it ( ̄∀ ̄). The card is international for sure haha. 
Of course, I don't know any German so I asked if the German teacher of my high school could kindly translate the message for me, and she did! I was very happy and grateful for her hard work. I know it might have been a little hard for her to translate the card as it's written in old cursive and the text is very tiny.

This is what the message is in English: (sorry for my bad translation)

"25.8.29. No. 24 Hotel Shelbourne, Dublin, Ireland
My dearest and best Charlie(?), I've already taken a refreshing bath. Today I was photographing at the countryside. It's pretty nice here. Here's very pretty ladies + a lot, and everyone are very nice and laughing  + they're happy + they wave at me when I ride past them on my car, but that's all. All the people here rejoice for life and laugh almost all the time. They're all pretty virtuous and they go to church. Also the taverns here are open only for few hours on Sundays. I have hardly drunk anything since I left the wine area/district(I don't know which world to use...) because the beer is too thick + bitter here. 100,000 kilograms + all my love, your ______" 

I like the message very much and I like to think how the man wrote this card maybe for his lover ´w` Also, it's interesting to read how he describes the other people("they're happy and wave at me") 
I think that the old postcards are an excellent way to learn more about the old times!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm hosting three new swaps!

#1 Swap: Send Me Bubble Gum! 
I created this swap because foreigner stuff is always so much fun and there is always some candy/chocolate swaps so this is a little different from them. 

#2 Memo sheets & Letter papers -swap
I made this swap because it's always fun to exchange stuff and it would be nice to get some new letter papers and memo sheets to replace old ones ^_^ However I don't know if this swap will gain many joiners. Oh well I'll be happy if at least one person joins :D
Join HERE!

#3 Not Your Normal Sticker Swap #3
It's always nice to get ride of your un-used stickers and replace them with new ones! 
Join HERE ^_^

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Outgoing postcards and a letter (again)

A letter to Joycelyn in Singapore. I hope she'll receive it very soon!

A card to Poland.

(BTW, is there in the card a miss-writing? :D  I think it should be "Four season's (Finland)" ---> "Four seasons' (Finland)" (Neljän vuodenajan (Suomi))

(OR simply "Four seasons". But I don't think so, cuz there on the background reads "Finland". So the text in the middle indicates to Finland's seasons (as Finland is known of its four seasons!) I don't know how to explain this -.-)

's indicates possession, and s at the end of the word means it's plural. So now the words in the postcard means in Finnish "Neljä vuodenaikan" ?? aahh.. I don't know I'm not good at English ~.~

I joined Postcard Penpals -swap and these two cards are heading to United Arab Emirates and Israel! I was happy I got to send cards to such different countries! I chose the cat card for my partner  in Israel because she stated in her profile she doesn't like tourist cards and she likes cats and Christmas so I thought this card might be a good choice for her ^_^ I hope my partners will like the cards. 

Lastly three cards that are waiting to be sent to Australia and Malaysia. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Outgoing mail

First of all: I added a question for you on bar on the right side , please take a min and answer it thanks ^_^ 

Now onto the outgoing mail -------------->

I joined  "Two Chocolate Bars" -swap on Swap-pot. As the tittle says, you should send two various chocolate bars to your partner. Unfortunately, I got a Finnish partner! I don't know how this can be... We Finnish swappers are an evident minority on Swap-pot, so this was really bad luck. In general I don't mind where I have to send the swaps to, but I know it will be disappointing for my partner to receive chocolate from her own country as obviously everyone wants to taste foreign candy! 
However I tried to choose for my partner new chocolate and something that I myself haven't tasted before, and I'm hoping my partner haven't tasted the bars either ^_^

These two letters I sent out already a couple of weeks ago... For my penpal Hayes in Scotland, he's originally from Hong Kong but now staying in Scotland.  The another letter was for Maria das Trouxas on Swap-pot who I had a private swap with. I sent her four bags of different flavored Moomin tea ^_^

Lastly, the card is for Nnyla on Swap-pot, who kindly asked me to have a private PC swap with her. (I'm so happy many people have asked me to have a private swap with them and helping me to get cards from their countries!!^_^!!) 
The letter is for my American penpal Emily. I folded the envelope myself out of an old children's wall map.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Letters from Singapore and U.S.A

This letter is from Joycelyn, Singapore (•ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​•) She contacted me on Swap-pot asking me to start penpalling with her, and I could do nothing else than agree with her since we have so  much in common and I already sense we could have a lot to share with each other. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more little by little via snail mail :) 
Along with her long letter she also sent me two little gifts; super cute oil blotter and memos/book mark. 
Thank you so much, Joycelyn  ( ・_・)♡ ( ・_・)♡ ( ・_・)♡

And this letter is from my American penpal Emily! Her envelope was so beautiful once again and she also sent a calendar for the year 2013. It will be a great use for me :) Thank you, Emily. I am going to reply you soon  ♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪ 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Postcards, postcards everywhere!

Just yesterday I wrote a similar entry to this where I presented my incoming postcards. Today I got three more as I went to visit home, and I had given my home address to some people..@__@ I should have waited one more day and combine all the cards in one entry..but how I could have knew I had got more cards:D 

(sorry for the bad quality)

First card is from Chele who sent me a Thailand-themed card as she had visited there a while ago. I'm feeling so bad that  I haven't sent her a card back..I already got her first card from Australia a while ago, but somehow I lost her address...-___-- *embarrassed* Fortunately I found it, so I am going to send her a card AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!! *promise*

The second card came from Russia via Postcrossing!! She sent the card in an envelope. 

(sorry for the bad quality.. σ(TεT;)
These two postcards I bought myself. They're unused so I'm thinking about sending them to someone. 
The card on the right side is a city-view of Helsinki(the capital of Finland) in 1970!! I like the card so much cuz it's already quite old so the card is already a little yellowish on the back side ´w` And the the fact that it's about 30 years old, the city-view is so different , with the old cars and all  (*´▽`*)ノ゛ (*´▽`*)ノ゛ (I like old cars) However I am not sure if anyone wants to receive such an old card...uh, maybe I am just going to keep it myself then haha  (づ ̄3 ̄)づ 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Four incoming postcards (•ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​•) (─‿‿─)

This is a combination of the postcards I've received during the last two weeks ^_^

The first one is from Aarti from Malaysia (•ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​•) I love the postcard thiiiis much! I'll send her a card back as soon as possible. 

This card I got from Netherlands from my I Love Postcard Swaps -swap partner! My first card from Netherlands!!

This is also due to I Love Postcard Swaps -swap. A pretty card from India!! 

This card I got today; a very beautiful Portuguese card from Maria das Trouxas on Swap-pot. We arranged a private swap for us a while ago. She sent me this card, and I sent her tea bags in exchange ^_^ I hope she'll receive the tea soon..! 

Thank you girls for the beautiful cards ( ・_・)♡