Friday, August 10, 2012

Some letters and postcards

These arrived at the beginning of August. From Katy from U.S.A and from Corinna from Germany. It was first time ever to receive post from Germany and I was so happy :) The letter came to me because I joined "Send a Letter to Receive Letter" -swap. 

cute picture that Katy had drew on the backside of the envelope :3

Some stamps:
That stamp was on an envelope that arrived from The States, but the stamp says "Belgique" I suppose it means Belgium? 

And this the card I sent to Germany because of Postcrossing. 
haha isn't it cool?! xD 

I think I've mentioned earlier that I sent my first card to Taiwan. It has been 27 days when I received the address, and the card has been travelling at least 25 days(because I couldn't send the postcard immediately after requesting the address). I'm a bit worried whether the card has arrived to Taiwan safely?? I checked the profile of the girl I sent the card to, and it seems that she hasn't logged in for a while(she was last seen 27 days ago -- the day I got her address) Maybe she has forgotten about Postcrossing and thus hasn't registered my card yet? I'm very sad ! So I requested another address because I also want to receive a postcard haha~! I hope my card will find its way to the right place this time, and it will be registered soon :) Fortunately Germany is not far away so maybe my card will arrive only in few days!!=) 

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