Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recently made + received Artist Trading Cards

So I've been trying to practice making ATCs and this is the result:
The card on left is The king of Joseon (I have a little obsession of Joseon/Korean history and this is the result :D)
The card on right is a Japanese dragon (I did not draw it myself, I only colored it  and added bling bling on the edges -u-)

And  this is Hello Kitty card. I used blue nail polish for the background and the Hello Kitty itself is a tattoo! However the card looks too empty, I don't know what I should add, any tips?

This is for Newbie and non artist ATC -swap. I am not sure whether this card is good enough...I tried to make "old-style flower", as a background I used my self-made old-looking paper, flower made of news paper. maybe it looks too simple and weird-looking... :( Fortunately it is an ATC swap for newbies so I don't have to worry too much that my partner is expecting too much of me, or will be angry for not receiving a masterpiece. 

In the photo is what my own partner sent for me; an adorable ATC and as an extra some beautiful papers ^_^


  1. Love the Japanese atcs! Perhaps for the Hello Kitty one, you could add downward traveling waves, swirls or spirals on both sides of HK???? :)

    1. thank you for your great advice! When I have time to do atcs again, I'll definitely consider your idea!


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