Thursday, August 16, 2012

A mysterious packet =D

Today when I woke up, this envelope was waiting for me. I had no idea why it had arrived to me ! 

When I opened the envelope, there were this bag:
(the bag itself should have rang some bells, but no.)

I thought it's for the Hello Kitty-swap because I saw a piece of Hello Kitty inside the bag.
But it wasn't for the HK swap... 
My second thought was "it must be for the Snail Mail Kit that I joined recently!" <--- But it couldn't be possible because the partners were assigned only few days ago!

This is what were inside of the bag:
Letter paper, envelopes, stickers, memo sheets.... Sooo much nice cute stuff >w<

Then I saw this note. The packet was the Kawaii Lucky Bag that Moni promised to send me!!=D 
Actually she told me a few days before the packet arrived, that she had sent it, but I didn't remember it anymore(maybe because it was morning so I was still half asleep :D) 
Anyway, I like the Lucky Bag alot, thank you Moni! 

(it is supposed to look like Hello Kitty =D)

This is my Hello Kitty-lucky bag that I promised to send for Christine. I'll send it as soon as possible! Honestly her address was too hard to write, I re-wrote it like three times until all the letters were in the right places =D

Lucky Bag: the idea of LB is to offer several items(eg. Hello Kitty, kawaii, teabags, snail mail kit,,,..) and the person who wants one of them, will tag you and you'll send her the items in a bag, and then she will offer something to someone else and so on! :) 


  1. How fun!

    -Zefaniya via SB Follow me #4

  2. So cool (:

    I'd love to swap with you sometime

    New Follower Katie (kcody03 at swap-bot)

    1. really, it'd be fun to swap with you sometime, too :)thanks for becoming a reader!

  3. What a wonderful surprise. Truly happy and delightful treats. New follower AnaGoncalves from Swap-bot

    1. i know, I love unexpected packets and letters! =D I'm happy to get a new reader of you!

  4. I love being able to swap and getting gifts from other countries and seeing their postage or items they have in their countries too! :) BTW I love your snail on the top of blog! thank you! swap disneyfan18 ;)

    1. I agree with you - it's so much fun to see things from other countries! thanks!

  5. Jenny, I just love your blog... love your posts too and what you write- you really take time to explain things and cards and goodies and art and everything!! I should learn to do that too. I recently had the same experience of receiving a package I had totally forgotten about... Can read about it on my blog.

    - (rtwong - Follow me # 4 SB)

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you like my blog!! Thank you very much for your nice comment & I'll try to keep the blog as nice in the future, too!
      I read your blog post about your unexpected packet - it's so much fun to receive something you didn't expect to get! I love surprises !
      Thank you for becoming a reader and hope you enjoy my future blog post as well!!

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaay :D A snail mail blog *happy happy happy happy* And the lucky bag is awesome! So many great items!! :D
    Your blog is really great, so keep going!!
    Have an awesome (mail) day!

    (Follow me#4-Swapbot)

  7. I love Swap-Bot because you never know what you're going to get (or when)
    -chrissyh418 (follow me 4)

  8. I couldn't write you before because my mom was at the hospital and I had to stay with her before and during the surgery. I hope you can understand.
    Lovely swap! Misterious swaps are the best, I guess... Good luck, girl!
    Krizia, Follow me #4


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