Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Incoming mail I received god know when

I am so slow posting my incoming mails here that I have got two letters from the same penpal and I haven't posted either one of them here yet! sigh! I must try to take a hold of myself and update my blog more frequently from now on.. 

Anyway here comes the first letter from my penpal I received weeks ago:
It's from my Taiwanese pal. She sent me stickers, booklet, Taiwanese candy and letter. (I'll soon update my blog again and post her newest letter to me then :)) And I love the stamps on the envelope!!

 I think I received this already during my summer vacation...? I just randomly found this photo in my folder and realized it's yet to be posted here -__-;;; My swap partner from Hong Kong sent me stickers, masking tape, letter set..:)

 Paper tape samples from a swap I hosted at Swap-bot! 

 Letters from my Chinese and Japanese penpals.

Letter and little surprises from my Chinese friend.

From my Taiwanese swap partner!!

She sent me so many small and cute things. My favorite is the pen, so adorable! 


  1. Amazing like every other post on mail.

  2. Miten I H A N I A kirjeitä kaikki nää <3 ! Jostain syystä mun suosikki ehkä on toi Minni Hiiri kuori :D <3

  3. Amazing letter! Very rich, colorful and fun. I love a lot of stamps and stickers! Wonderful!



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