Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deco Rush Time!

My latest obsession is Deco Rush! It is so simple and fun way to decorate your postcards and letters! My frequent swap partner in Hong Kong knows my liking, and last time we swapped she sent a few new designs for me! 

 Was so excited to tear the envie apart as I knew what it contained hehe

 She used a special 3D stamp on the parcel, but it had got ripped off on its way to Finland!!! Soo sad! She especially used it on my mail and I looked forward to seeing it :( By the way, I really like the new Hong Kong bus stamps that were released just a few weeks ago ^_^

 4 new Deco Rush refills.

 Strawberry, donut, elephant and bird designs, aren't they adorable?

 Deco Rush is easy to use, it's like white correction tape except Deco Tape has cute designs in it! Firstly you need to buy a Deco Rush holder/pen like in the photo and some refills that you will put in it and after that you're ready to decorate anything!


How nice, right? Deco Rush is my favorite item at the moment (^o^)_v


  1. Oooooh onpa IHANA! En oo tollasesta ennen kuullutkaan! Noita vaan ei taida tietenkään saada Suomesta :P Eiks toi oo vähän niinku ne "tavallisetkin" kuvioteipit mut helpommin laitettavassa muodossa :D?

  2. Wow... I didn't know these exist at all... Would like to get some, though! They're really adorable.

  3. Wow, Deco Rush is brilliant *.*


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