Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Incoming swaps from China and Taiwan

I have received these already a loooong time ago >x<

Postcard swap from Taiwan. 

From a swap friend in Taiwan (I forgot to photograph what she sent me)

From a swap friend in China.

The Chinese girl sent me currency! I was overjoyed to find in the envelope so many bank notes and coins! (I've started collecting currency)

Postcard swap with another Chinese girl. She was supposed to send me only one card but look at how many extra things she kindly gave me!

Postcard swap with a Chinese girl. She is the same girl who sent me the currency too. 

If you wonder why I've gotten so much mail from Asian countries lately, that's because most of the parcels and postcards that I get comes from the same few people. At first we swapped only once, but after that we just kept swapping again and again and kinda formed a "swap-friendship" and become frequent swap partners. That's really nice in my opinion. We're not penpals, yet we're still closer than just random swap partners and I think it's nice to keep swapping with the same people so we learn to know each others' likes and dislikes ^_^


  1. Vitsi miten ihania swappeja<3 Noi postikortit ekassa kuvassa on niiiin kivoja q__q

  2. Lovely all ;D !

  3. Hello! You have wonderful blog! I saw that you haven´t received anything from my country, from the Czec Republic, so we can swap or be penpal friends :-)

    1. Thank you!:) I already have enough penpals, but I am open to postcard swap. You may send me an email if you're interested: satsumaimo94[at]


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