Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From My Penpals in South Korea and Japan

These lovely packets arrived last week!
From my Korean and Japanese penpals! 

The Korean sent me a letter and Korean exercise books.

From Japan I received Hello Kitty note book, sweets and matcha tea + postcards and stickers about my favorite boy group :))

And this masking tape roll was also in the parcel!! Soo happy! This is my first original MT!! 

Such a sweet design and I've been using it everyday everywhere haha! What I was excited about, is that the name of this design is "Minä Perhonen", and it is Finnish!!! It means in English >>> "I Butterfly." I guess the designer had wanted to say "I am butterfly" but left the "be" out in the name...? At least that's what I believe. It was a nice surprise to get this tape roll ^_^!!

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  1. IHANIA noi paketit >3< Iteki oon saanu tota "Minä perhonen" MT:tä Japanista, itellä on vaan keltanen versio tosta samasta printistä :D AIVAN ihanaa<3


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