Saturday, November 2, 2013

Incoming Mail Oct 28 (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

On Monday the postwoman brought four parcels (★^O^★)
This was the least expected arrival; one of my postard swap partners had decided to send me a random act of kindness! She sent me elephant stickers, panda highlighters, panda cloves and elephant and panda pencils (if you didn't know, panda and elephant are my favorite animals (*‿*✿))! When I saw this packet, I was worried that she sad sent it to a wrong address (・□・;) So I wondered whether I should open it or not xD I carefully unwrapped it and found her letter and I was so happy!

Letter from my Taiwanese penpal. 

Letter from a penpal in The States. 

Lastly an envelope full of postcards from my swap partner. We were supposed to send only one card, but she sent me extra cards as an apology for sending the swap so late. Honestly I did not even remember that I was waiting a card from her! So when I saw this envelope I was like "why this came to me?? (・_・ヾ "

Sorry for the bad quality of photos m(_ _)m I don't know how I did not manage to snap better pics :(


  1. Oi kun ihania kaikki <3! Voin kuvitella sen tunteen kun saa jotain minkä on jo unohtanu että on tulossa / täysin ylläripaketti :3!


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