Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two chocolate bars swap received after 4 months

I joined "Two chocolate bars swap" back in October 2012. As you can guess, we were supposed to send our partners two chocolate bars! The last day to send out the swap was around mid-November. My partner(from U.S.) did send the swap on time, but I never received it. She kindly promised to re-sent it. She sent it around the beginning of January(I guess) A couple of weeks ago I contacted my partner again, asking whether she had re-sent the swap or not because I hadn't received it yet. She said she had sent it but to this day, I haven't received that packet either. She promised to re-sent the swap one final time. So in total she sent the same swap to me three times!! Crazy!
Finally, today I received a packet from her. It did not include any dates, so I thought it was the 2nd sent packet. I messaged her and sent a picture of the packet, and she said it was the 3rd sent packet. Today I also learned that the very first packet that she sent to me back in November 2012, was sent back to her for some reason. My own suspicion is, that she hadn't attached a custom declaration on the packet, so it might have never got out of the United States? As for the second packet, I have no idea what could have happened to it as for sure I haven't seen it in my mail box! 

This is the most complex swap I have ever taken part in! I'm happy I received the swap finally, although I feel sorry for my partner for she had to spent so much money on the postage :(

I love the chocolates, I've always wanted to try Hershey's!! I want to give big thanks to my swap partner :)

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