Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Incoming and outgoing mail

Outgoing mail:

To Hong Kong. I made the envelope myself out of a chocolate wrap, I think it looks pretty nice, what do you think?

To my "Small Make-up Samples Swap"-partners to SRI LANKA and Malaysia. It's my first time to send mail to Sri Lanka, I hope the parcel arrives safely to my partner..

My first letter to a Russian girl. We'll see how many weeks it takes before she finally receives my letter, as the mail to Russia can take up to one month!! It's crazy considering Russia is just the next door..

 To China. I sent this letter already a long time ago, but I've forgotten to post a photo. Envelope is self-made once again =]

 Another letter that was sent already a loooong time ago, to Japan.

 To Croatia. Her swap partner flaked on her so I promised to angel her and send the swap behalf her partner.

Incoming mail:
A letter from Scotland.

A letter from U.S.A.


  1. All the stamps on the mail is so beautiful!! Lovely packages.

  2. Hyvä idea tehä tuosta suklaapaperista kirjekuori! :)

    1. kiva jos olet sitä mieltä! Varmaan postimiehet ihmettelee kun postissa kulkee tommosia "suklaalevyjä"..:D Kiitos kommentistasi!


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