Monday, March 11, 2013

Stationery swaps (received)

Envelopes and letter paper sheets swap from my partner in the States.

I really liked the vintage-style papers she sent for me ^,^

new air mail envelopes yay! 

Envelope Frenzy from The Netherlands.
This is the greatest envelope I've ever received!! So amazing mail art~ I could have given her 5+♥ only for this envelope, that's how much I liked it :))

 Even the contents were amazing. I loved all the envelopes she sent for me -- especially the handmade! And look how special envie she sent me; an envelope made out of a milk can!!

She also sent me stamps as an extra. For once I get other than the bulb stamp from The Netherlands, yay!! (For every single mail I've gotten from The Netherlands, there has been the bulb stamp on it. I already started wondering whether it's the only stamp available in The Netherlands :D)


  1. Hollannista tulee kyllä aina maailman ankeimmat postimerkit, anteeksi vaan jos joku hollantilainen lukee tätä. :D T. Satunnainen kulkija

    1. hahhah, ihan totta kyllä! Ärsyttävää, kun melkeinpä jokaisessa kuoressa on aina se sama lamppu-merkki, vähän vaihtelua olis kiva saada :D


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