Monday, December 31, 2012

Last out-going mail of the year 2012 + snail mail themed X'mas presents received ^_^

Happy New Year 2013 to all my readers~~♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡
The past year has been such a great year what comes to receiving mail; I've joined and created many great swaps, sent and received beautiful post cards all over the world and even got new penpals! I hope my mail box will stay happy next year too. I also want to thank all the readers, I think it's great I am able to share my passion for snail mail here at my blog with you fellow mail lovers (ღˇ◡ˇ)♥   I wish you all amazing and snail mail filled new year! *end of the speech* 

~Last out-going mail in 2012~
To my new penpal Samantha in the United States. I hope she will reply me. 

For Kam in HongKong. I sent her a few of my favorite Christmas chocolates with the letter.

Another letter to the States. I really like this new stationery I got from my swap partner, it's so beautiful *-*

For my swap partner Erika in Japan. I promised to send her five cartoon cards. In the end I took off the Pluto card and added three Looney Tunes cards. I sent this swap a little late because I ordered the cards on the Internet and the seller didn't sent the cards in time because of Christmas -__- I contacted my partner and told her about the situation...I hope she is not angry ;;; I sent her two extra cards and memo sheets to prevent her anger ^^;;;

Then~~~ I got pretty nice X'mas presents this year and I want to show you two of them, which are very useful for mail!! 

1)Post stamps!!
I actually asked them from my mom, and she got me some yay! Now I can send punch of postcards and letters and pay zero euros zero cents ! lol 
These post stamps has been my favorites for a while. I get a dreamy feeling of them.

Post stamps of old/80's Finnish bands. Really cool, I already used a few of them! These might be my favorite post stamps at the moment.

Girly and cute stamps.

I got loads of priority stickers with the stamps o__o!! I don't know how I am able to use all of them... I have loads of them now as usually whether I go to post office, I grab punch of them in case I don't find them when needed. Now I definitely do not have to collect them anymore..!

2) second present is surprisingly from my brother!!
I didn't expect anything from him, as usually he doesn't get me anything for X' this was a nice surprise, especially when the gift wrap didn't reveal the usual chocolate box but something more personal; craft stuff =D He had noticed my interest in mail art although I'm not staying at home alot nowadays. I was very happy! The box included envelopes, different colored and sized cartons and other craft stuff. I will definitely use them with my best skills. 


  1. Mistä noita Priority-tarroja saa? Ja maksaako ne? :)

    1. Postista saa ja jopa ihan ilmaiseksi:) Omassa lähipostissani niitä on vino pino tarjolla "paketinpakkauspöydällä", mutta niitä voi kysyä myös postin työntekijöiltä, antavat varmasti niitä mielellään. Toivottavasti oli apua ja mukavaa sekä postintäyteistä uutta vuotta!

  2. Those cards are really nice! And I'm jealous about all the different stamps you got! Here we don't have many choice 'bout stamps... Sometimes 2 different ones ... :( But they do change them quit often.

    1. That's too bad! Maybe you can order on Internet more stamps? If they have an online-store, there should be a bigger variety of different stamps. :)
      Thanks for commenting!!


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