Friday, December 7, 2012

A Lot of Out-Going Mail

First letter is for my "Cute Paper Exchange" -swap partner in the States. 
I made the envelope myself, what do you think about it? I guess I should have used the word "take" instead of "deliver" for the text on the envelope, it sounds better.. oh well what's done is done. 

Simple looking mail.. For my "Memo Sheets & Letter Papers", "Not Your Normal Sticker Swap #3" and "Korean Student Penpal" -swap partners(I'm hosting all the three swaps ^0^). I also sent letters for my penpals in the States and Scotland:)

This is what I sent for my "Korean Student Penpal" partner in the States. I wrote an introducing letter and send some sticker flakes and then I folded them. The paper I used for folding the origami is from Ponyo on The Cliff(I guess..I am not sure anymore..^^;;) -movie(because my partner said she likes Studio Ghibli movies)

I tried to attach some nice stickers onto the outgoing mail but look what happened σ(TεT;It was nearly impossible to get the stickers off the sheet without tearing them :(

Lastly, two little packets for my "Send Me Bubble Gum!" -partners in United Kingdom and Canada.

I really like this envelope :)

I bought my first washi-tape(the green/white lined one) a few weeks ago and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡ ! Before deco-tapes were my favorites changed to washi-tape!!  I don't know..wahi tapes are more useful for mail art thingys , and they look more "adult-like"(?haha) when deco-tapes are just too damn cute :3 Nevertheless, I still love deco-tape, but I love washi tape a little bit more (─‿‿─) I've already used the first small washi roll I purchased bohoo...I must buy mooore soon =D

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