Friday, December 21, 2012


kkkk so many packets and letters from all over the world were waiting for me today as I got home from my school dormitory ^,^
(Take note of my uber hyber cool Chrtismas editions on the photos xD)

First one is~ from Germany. My first time receiving something from there!
The packet from Germany contained loads of letter paper in a neat packet!! 

Post stamps from Germany.

Moooooooore letter papers and other stationery from U.K.:
(I received this packet already a couple of weeks ago but I've forgotten to post about it.)

The next packet is from France and it contained a dress(I traded one of my own dresses with a French girl). I took a photo of the packet because it's so cute~ Hello Kitty style (•ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​•)
(she also sent me two special Japanese candies ^,^ They were yummy!)

French postal paid sticker. I think it's adorable with the paper planes. 

Stickers from "Not Your Normal Sticker Swap #3".

Then, a couple of cards!
From my penpal Joycelyn in Singapore.

Singaporean stamps ^_^

Retro-themed postcard from Israel. (She especially picked this card for me as I like retro and vintage ^,^) It was very exciting to receive a card from Israel as it was my first time and Israel seems to me very different country compared to Finland.

Stamp from Israel.

Letter from my penpal Emily in the States. The small white-black photo is an actual photograph of Manhattan. I really like it and the Christmas card she wrote her news onto. 

Lastly, this what my Korean Penpal Student partner in Indonesia sent for me:
Letter plus two postcards of Indonesia as she read my blog and noticed I hadn't got any cards from her country yet!! It was so kind of her to sent the cards, so thoughtful *_* Thank you so much!

Close-up of the cards. Really like them!

I'll have a little tough time translating what she wrote haha... she is already so good in Korean *o* I'm sure I'll gain motivation and improve my Korean by writing with her and helping each other!!

That's all for now. Quite a lot of mail, right?! 


  1. Wow! So many mails! You are really receiving mails from all over the world! The hello kitty package looks so sweet~

    -- cfchai Follow me #9

  2. It's so nice that you got a lot of mail this December. I wasn't able to join a lot of swaps since I'm on vacation.

    Katrina Alana FM#9

  3. Vauu, kuinka paljon ihania posteja! :)

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