Sunday, January 26, 2014

Received Christmas cards

I am quite late with this but I guess better late than never right? So here comes the Christmas cards I received this year. I totally did not expect to receive this many cards because I didn't participate in any Xmas card swaps on Swap-bot, like I did the previous year. My very lovely penpals and swap friends sent me these cards! I feel that the Xmas card is more personal and I appreciate it more if it is sent by my friend than a random swapper I don't even know. So I could say I am very pleased with my Christmas cards this(or actually already last) year >w<

Shaped card from China

 Happy New Year card + stamps from a Japanese penpal.

Happy New Year card from my Korean friend when she visited Japan.

Totoro in Christmas mood from China

From Finland!

Christmas card and stamp from the same Japanese pal as the previous New Year card.

I got this from my Taiwanese friend and it must be the most special card I received! This is the front side of the card.

This is how the card looks fully opened!

Inside. It's like an envelope but not envelope:D

Self-made card from a Brit living in Japan.


Another shaped card from China

Greeting card from Hong Kong.

Another greeting card from Hong Kong

From U.K.

This is a card I mailed to myself >w<

I sent it to myself because I wanted to receive the special Xmas postmark.

These two cards came in an envelope from the same Chinese girl.

From Singapore.

Again from China.


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