Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Outgoing Mail

 I sent a Moomin card, Moomin stickers, Moomin priority labels and masking tape samples as a thank you to the Chinese girl who sent me the Chinese New Year FDC and stamp I showed a few entries back.

 To a pal in Taiwan. I made the envelope myself of a old Donald Duck magazine(we have a large box full of them!)

 To my Singaporean friend. I sent her a postcard in the envelope. The envelope is made by myself, I'm quite happy how it turned out to be:)

 The stamp I used. I simply love all the new stamps that were released this January and these teddy stamps are my favorites! I just couldn't help purchasing the new stamps when I saw them although I had promised myself to not to buy any!

This parcel didn't travel far, I sent it to Emma in Finland. I sent her the tea bags I wrote about in the entry a few days back. 


  1. Aiotko hankkia niitä Tove Jansson 100v- postimerkkejä ollenkaan? :-)

    1. En ole vielä aivan varma, en ainakaan nyt heti ilmestymispäivänä taida ostaa kun mulla on merkkejä aika paljon varastossa. Sitten kun varastot alkaa huveta niin kyllä Tove-merkkit on luultavasti ostoslistalla :)

  2. A wonderful Moomin's letter. I would like to find one in your letter-box! ;) Regards !


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