Sunday, January 12, 2014

Long Time No Postcrossing

Today I got an uncontrollable urge to send a few cards via Postcrossing! I've mentioned here on my blog more than once that I am not a big fan of Postcrossing as I always receive crappy cards there. But I guess after joining a Postcrossing group on FB yesterday I got a little of Postcrossing excitement back to me. Plus I've had so many private swaps with Asians and for now I wish to receive/send cards from/to other continents too!! So here I am, requesting new addresses and writing postcards. I also updated my profile information and put a tick in the "Check if you would like to (also) send and receive postcards to and from your own country" section. I feel kinda excited that I now have the change to send and receive cards from Finland too! Before I didn't like the thought of sending/receiving cards within Finland but now I can't wait it :)

 This card was a private swap and I sent it to a Chinese girl.

 This card is also going to China. I wrote her address in Chinese so I hope the card will reach her safe and sound :D She told in her profile that she likes cards with people and art so I thought this Ruudolf Koivu's card was suitable for her.

 To Czech Republic. She didn't told about her postcard preferences but she said "I want to receive hugs and kisses from all over the world" so I sent her the hugging teddies. 

 To Ukraine. Once again, she didn't really have any postcard wishes.

 To United States. He didn't have any wishes either but he wrote he likes nature so I picked him this snowy Finland card and attached in the card the Nuuksion Kansallispuisto stamp.

 To Ukraine and it was quite hard to pick a card for her. She wrote in her profile that she wants to receive mineral cards and history cards. I didn't have any cards that would suit her preferences, so I chose this card of a Russian lady. It was the closest to history I had :D On the back side of the card reads something in Russian and the year 1889. I guess the painting is from the year 1889. I have no idea whether the receiver will like my card choice or not:D

Lastly a picture of the mess I created in so little time :D Now I have 5 cards travelling out of 7. I think I'll send two more cards later \^0^/


  1. beautifull postcards:-)

  2. So true, most of the time cards received via postcrossing aren't that beautiful, however, sometimes you can be lucky enough to received breathtaking cards. :) I have already received 331 postcards, and have had this feeling a few times. :) P.S. You are sending lovely cards!


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