Monday, January 20, 2014

Incoming mail 13-17.1.

Mail I received last week:
From a penpal in the US. 

The year of horse goodies from two of my swap partners in China and Hong Kong. The Chinese girl sent the First Day Cover, Horse stamp, Xmas card and masking tape samples. From HongKong I got that Horse card! 

Close picture of the card. I had to  tear the card open and inside it was the message!

Close picture of the Chinese Horse stamp.

A better picture of the cute Xmas card and masking tape samples she sent me >w<

 On Thursday I received all these from my penpal in Taiwan! 

 These must be the cutest donuts I've ever seen !! 

 Panda memo sheets.

Taiwanese Red Pockets. During Chinese New Year, parents give children red pockets that contains money!

Lastly a letter from my Finnish penpal :-) 


  1. Mun kirje hihii :3 Aina yhtä hassua nähä kuva siitä jossain muualla! Ihania noi kaikki muut kirjeet mitä oot saanu <3

    1. hehe niimpä:D koitan vastata pian sulle~^0^

  2. Vaaau, oot saanu tosi hienoja juttuja! :)

  3. You've received amazing mail again! Those donuts and panda notes look so cute.


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