Monday, August 19, 2013

Incoming and outgoing swaps!

 These cards I received from Hong Kong. I really love the red cards about the cultural revolution in China! 

 Surprise mail from Hong Kong!!

Really like the envelope seal she used ^,^ This surprise came from my postcard swap partner. 

 Apparently she really liked the cards I had sent her so she sent me these adorable panda goodies as a thank you!! 

The cutest bookmarks I've ever seen!! These gives me new inspiration to start reading a book, something that I haven't done in so long T^T
Today I sent her a surprise mail as well! I only took a photo of it on my phone though so not gonna post it here, I am not pleased with the quality x__x

This is for a girl who I've swapped several postcards with. She asked me to send her Moomin stamps for her collection!


  1. Voiiii on kyllä söpöimpiä kirjanmerkkejä mitä oon pitkään aikaan nähny :'3

    1. Onhan mun kirje muuten tullu perille? :)

    2. joo on <3 ja lähetin tänään vastauksen!

  2. You're right these bookmarks are sooooo adorable, I love pandas *.*


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