Friday, April 5, 2013

A Packet from Germany☆

I just noticed I now have ~☆~50 readers~☆~ (+ 9 readers via Bloglovin, if you don't follow me via Bloglovin yet, do it now by clicking here!) Thank you so much everyone!!
(づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Huomasin juuri, että blogillani on nyt huikeat ~☆~50 lukijaa~☆~(plus 9 lukijaa Bloglovinin kautta!) kiitos kaikille lukijoille!!

Now onto the incoming mail!!

This is a packet from June. This is already our second private swap ^-^ She was supposed to send me air mail envelopes and a variety of different kind of snail mail stuff. I was so pleased with everything I received, even the package was so fine!!

Kuvassa paketti, jonka sain Junelta. Kyseessä oli jo meidän toinen yksityisswappimme! Hän lähetti minulle uusia air mail kirjekuoria ja muita kirjeenvaihtojuttuja. Pidin kovasti kaikesta, mitä hän lähetti, jopa paketti, jossa hän lähetti tavarat, oli hieno ^-^!

 air mail envelopes(+ some brown envelopes too, which were on my wish list ^-^).

 memo sheets, address labels, stickers and deco- and washi tape rolls!

New priority labels!! I think those are from Australia and U.K?

Thank you, June☆


  1. Love those airmail envelopes! They look so awesome!


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