Thursday, April 18, 2013

Old incoming and outgoing mail

Long time no see! My mail box has been sad lately and there has not been a lot of mail for me, thus lack of updates. Here is some unposted photos of mail I have sent and received during the last few weeks.

From. Malta.

For envelopes swap.

First time to receive mail from Malta! I really like their post stamps, they're quite religious and artistic. 

From. USA
make-up samples!

To. The Philippines
I had a private swap with Marge. We were supposed to decorate our envelopes, I hope she will like my envie :) I am not good at mail art, but I tried my best to create something colorful.

To. Turkey and Jordan
To new potential penpals.. I hope they'll reply me ^,^


  1. Wonderfully decorated envelope! I'm sure she'll like it. I love the stamps from Malta too.

    1. Glad you think so! Thank you for the comment ^,^


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