Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Postcards & An Outgoing Letter

Three beautiful post cards *^_____________^*
(I guess I over-edited that photo a little lol)

The first one is from Carla from CHILE!! I love the postcard very much. Thank you, Carla ^_^ I hope you'll receive my card soon, too. 

The Chile post stamps. Look at the prize of the stamps; $390, $310 and $10. How it can be!! I think there in Chile must be inflation. 

The second card is from Астрахань. <--- It means Astrakhan in Russian. I wanted to write it in Russian cuz I started to study Russian recently teehee =D This card became one of my very favorites because I love to see different architecture (especially traditional Chinese, old-style or futuristic ^_^)!

Russian stamps. 

Last card is from Australia!! My first card ever from there!! 

So many stamps there and here ^0^

Lastly, this is a letter to Rosa to U.K. that I sent recently. I hope she will receive it soon! I made the envelope myself out of a Korean choco pie box =D


  1. Hi! GrammaG from swap-bot here. You have some really neat postcards! I just received my first one from Australia, too. Their postage is great! I loved the tour of your desktop, too. You are very organized.

  2. How very interesting, a little glimpse from other countries. I love snail mail "Long may it reign" :-D

    janelwashere - Follow Me #7

  3. what a fun site to keep up with your snail mail.
    love love love the choco box envelope. i myself throw nothing away and repurpose. yay upcycle!!!
    these bubble icons on your page are precious. very calming and fun.
    create post often!
    :) mamainshane, swap-bot, follow me #7

  4. I love stamps. I open the mail at my work. We have a lot of elderly customers so I get stamps that are REALLY old. Very cool.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)


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