Monday, October 1, 2012

I got a reply to my feedback =D

You may remember that I wrote about my misfortune on sending my letter to Norway some time ago. I sent some feedback for Finnish post, and got a reply on Friday 31th, August (^_^)!! (already a month ago!!!)

(click to enlarge)

The e-mail is in Finnish, but they told me their apologies and offered a compensation by paying for the extra stamps that I had to buy. I am very pleased with their friendly service. I did not send the feedback in hopes to gain some compensation but simply wanted to tell about my experience, but of course I'm happy if they want to indemnify me a little. :)

So finally a few days back I got a letter from Posti:

Post stamps that I received ^.^


  1. Congratulations! It must be nice to know that customer service is still alive and well at your post office. And what cute stamps you got!
    Liz (Lizziefx - Follow Me #6)

  2. That's great your post office has good customer service and they sent you cute stamps to boot (Follow Me #6 Katrina Alana)


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