Thursday, October 4, 2012

Outgoing mail and postcards from NY and Singapore

A pile of mail to Hong Kong, United States, Finland and South Korea :)

This envelope contains Sticker Bags and it is going to the reader of my blog, Melissa! Please let me know when you receive it :) I have a small worry inside me that the envelope will travel to KUALA LUMPUR instead of FINLAND because on the front side of the envelope reads "Kuala Lumpur"..=D Melissa, if you don't receive the envelope during the following days, it is most likely on its way to the other side of the world! :D (well I wrote on her address "Finland" just in case because we will never know how carelessly the post men handles the mail :( ) 

My first card ever from Singapore. It's from Katrina, thank you very much ^__^

This card came from New York due to "Post Card Penpals" swap that I joined on Swap-pot. 


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  2. Haha, poistin vahingossa kommenttini :D Näin siinä luki:

    Sain tänään Sticker Bagit, kiitos. :)
    Tuo kirjekuori on tosi hieno, olet ilmeisesti tehtyt itse (?). Luulin ensin, että kirje oli Malesialaiselta kirjekaveriltani, teillä on melkein samanlaiset käsialatkin! :D
    Ja turhaan olit huolissasi, bagit eivät matkanneet toiselle puolelle maapalloa ;)


    1. Hyvä että ne saapuivat turvallisesti perille!
      Tein sen kirjekuoren itse paremman tekemisen puutteessa. :D kiitos :)

  3. I love that postcard from Singapore, it's beautiful. When you know if your package made it, are you going to post about it? I'd be curious to see what happens to it.

    Stephanie - follow me #6

    1. I just got to know that it arrived to the right address and didn't travel too far away, fortunately!
      Thank you for the comment ^_^

  4. Welcome! I'll send you one from the Philippines when I visit this Christmas.

    Follow Me #7


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