Monday, October 22, 2012

A Lot of Postcards

Sorry for the lack of updates but I haven't got any mail lately :[ Well I myself have been quite inactive what comes to sending mail as I got a hold of myself and sent a few postcards^^

First of all, I bought those postcards at flea store. They cost only 0,30 cents/piece! 

Those two cards are for Postcrossing, one for the United States and another one for Netherlands :)

These two are for I love postcard swaps -swap! I really like the card with the building, cuz it represents the old architecture and it's old-looking. I hope my partners will like the cards I chose for them ^0^


  1. Those are pretty! What a treat to get such in your mailbox.
    Thanks for sharing!

    janelwashere - Follow Me #7

  2. What great finds. Love the fall and winter ones. Perfect for this time of year.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  3. Lovely postcards

    ica1986 at swapbot
    Follow me #7

  4. Hey! :) The cards are really nice, your partners will surely like them. Have you heard about It could help you to achieve your postcard goals :) I swap postcard there and I should admit it works perfectly. If I'm not mistaken - you're from Finland, right? We can swap postcards if you want, I've seen you have not any Polish postcards yet :) Write to me on swap-bot to arrange a private swap!

    (Follow me #7 - ladybehemot)

  5. The fall card you've scanned, that's the only one, with the red leaves, is really, really pretty. And that sentence had a whole pile of commas.

    Stephanie - Follow me #7


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