Monday, September 17, 2012

Snail Mail Kit, Asian Junk & Favorite Candy Swaps!!

Last week has been a rather busy post week! I have got a lot of packets or letters!! My friends are almost as excited over my post as I am(at least it feels so), they're always snooping around the post box(which is located in our school building) and informing me "you've got mail!!!" and they also want to explore all the things that I get lol ! 

Anyway, last Friday I finally got a packet from my Snail Mail Kit -partner  ♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪
Super cool Spongebob tape =D

What is inside...?!
Postcards, gel pens, loose writing paper, note book, envelopes, tape...

My favorite card

My second favorite card. I like how it represents Seattle,Washington at night, it's so beautiful!!

Tape!! I like it because it's more thick than normal tape so it's good for taping packages!

All in all I'm very pleased with the package and want to say my thanks to Lynden Monof2. 

Second packet arrived from Australia. It was my first time to receive a packet from there!

The package contained Hello Kitty sweets! I shared the candy with my friends and brother & mom and everyone liked them a lot =D

This is for Asian Junk -4 swap! I think the first envelope got lost during its journey to Finland because I never received it so my partner re-sent the swap!

I loved all those Asian related photos , papers and postcards!! Thank you, Joyce ( ・_・)♡

This was all for today!


  1. How fun! I wanted to do the candy swap since I enjoyed it another time but I can't afford international postage :)

    -Follow me #5 Zefaniya

  2. Great site, Jenny. I love getting all the packages. It's like Christmas, isn't it? I'm crazy about swapping journals. I'll be checking in on you!

    Follow me #5

    ~ Dianne/writer/mosaic artist

  3. I don't know what it about Seattle postcards, but you're hard pressed to find one without the Space Needle featured prominently somewhere. It's a good thing it's an interesting building.

    Hello Kitty Pez? Man, I need to find those.

    Smadronia - follow me #5

  4. You've got a lot of stuff... looks like an early Christmas for you...

    swap-bot: Follow me #5

  5. Awesome stuff, you are lucky! :) (worldtour follow me#5)

  6. I love the graphics that float over your blog.

  7. All of the things you got look so great. I'm so glad you got a good haul.
    Liz (Lizziefx - Follow Me 5)

  8. Cool Seattle postcard! That's my "big city" although it's an hour drive away from me :-)
    Greetings from Washington!

    janelwashere - Follow Me #5


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