Sunday, September 23, 2012

Received Sticker Bags☆

I got 5 sticker bags full of stickers a while ago! 

I sent one of them home as I was the last signer , but I still have 4 more SBs to pass on. 
Is there anyone who would like to get one or two or even all four bags to themselves? 
Because I don't really have anyone who to send them, so I would be more than happy to pass them on to some of my readers who have some nice stickers to put in the bag! If you're interested, please mail me at satsumaimo94[at]gmail[dot]com or comment below and leave your e-mail address and I'll contact you shortly. You don't have to pay at all to get a bag for yourself, I'll pay for the postage, so don't worry and just contact me! :D 

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