Monday, September 10, 2012

An order on YOZOCRAFT

Long time no see! I'm back with a little package from YOZOCRAFT! is a whole-sale who sells almost anything you can dream of, from stationary to deco-tapes and other snail mail/craft stuff!
This was my first time I purchased something on there, and I was very pleased with my order ^_^!!!

This is what I bought; 3 cards, letter set, loose envelopes, hand-writing letter pad and a small memo pad.
The whole order cost me total only about 16 dollars, shipping cost was 6 dollars(everything is shipped from China)

~Close-ups of the letter paper and envelopes~

I was a bit suspicious of the quality since all of them were so cheap, but in the end all of them were excellent quality! One con though; they smell like cellar. I mean the smell when you go under the ground? Anyways, it is not a very pleasant smell, I guess the products are stored in some kind of cellar. 

I will buy all my snail mail stuff on this page from now on and I highly recommend the shop for my readers too!!! Cuz I know letter sets and all stationary tends to be sooo expensive !!


  1. What a fun selection of stuff you received! And I like your idea of blogging your experience with snail mail and swaps. I frequently feel compelled to share my new snail mail surprises on facebook, too. Well done! kari7997 swapbot.

  2. I just took at look at Yozocraft and the items they sell are gorgeous and so cheap! Thank you for the recommendation :)


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