Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Postcards from the US, Taiwan, UK, Singapore and Ireland

Huh, these are the last old postcards I haven't shown here!! Now I'm ready to blog in more chronological sequence again:)

 From The United States! He was my swap partner a while ago and I sent him a card, and after receiving my card he wanted to send me one back ^_^ The card is originally from Korea! He sent it to me because I study Korean~ Unfortunately the card had gotten some damage on the way to Finland as you can see :( Nonetheless, it's still a really pretty card!

The stamps he used!

From Taiwan! It represents Taipei 101 (the skyscraper)!! Usually I'm not a friend on multi-views, but this card is really pretty and I love it:)

From United Kingdom! 

From Singapore. Another card I simply love! 

 The last card is from Ireland! 

This time round I liked all the cards I got!! Yay! I hope I keep being lucky and that I'll receive nice cards in the future soon:)

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