Monday, July 15, 2013

Incoming Postcards Week #2

From China. I love this card so much. 

This one is also from China. This became one of my favorite postcards as I love this kind of shaped cards and the temple is amazing!! Plus, I really adore the amazing elephant stamp!! (Elephant is my favorite animal:))

 From Australia via Postcrossing. I quite like it, but why do I keep receiving postcards via Postcrossing!!? I hate it when I have more cards in received than in sends. I am not really an active postcrosser so always when I decide to send a few cards again, it takes ages for me to receive one myself (= _ =); So I don't want to get cards in advance!! The sender's hand-writing was so sloppy I hardly had the patience to read his/her message :( 

 This card is from Russia. The card is totally my style!

 Adorable panda card from HongKong. I love pandas!!

Taipei 101 postcard and Toy Story stamps from Taiwan! 

This cute Teddy scholar card was sent me by my Singaporean penpal when she visited South Korea:) 

 Another card via Postcrossing. From Russia (it seems I have got quite a few cards from China and Russia lately!)

The last three cards were sent to me once again from China. They came in an envelope thus they're unwritten! Nevertheless I like them A LOT!! I have decided that I don't care anymore whether the card I receive is blank or not -- as long as the card itself is beautiful and I like it!

Which card is your favorite one this week? 


  1. Why do you complain so much about your cards? Geez it's postcrossing of course you will receive cards that you don't like and multiples.

    1. This is my blog so I can complain as much as I want:D if it irritates you, just leave then~ I know you can receive any cards via postcrossing but of course I'm a little sad if I myself send my finest cards and try to pick good cards for my partner and in exchange I get crap or something I dislike(note: I have received nice cards from postcrossing, maybe it's just that the bad ones stay in my mind longer thus the complaining:D). I know I'm really picky what comes to postcards- that's why I have decided to cut down postcrossing and have moved to private swaps! This way I have gotten many cards I love so much :) maybe from now on you don't have to read so much about my complains anymore ;D

  2. OMG I love your post cards very very very much. I think there really really amazing cute sweet lovely cool nice different. I really love the Panda and Children one best of all.


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