Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mail-filled days

Lately I have had quite a lot of traffic in my mailbox, yay! I'll now show some of my incoming and outgoing mail~

Sticker bags to my blog reader, Essi, a letter to Japan and two Moomin postcards (I don't remember where)

Letter to my Korean penpal.

I put in the envelope some chocolate for her :) 

 From California, USA. I was so excited to get a reply from her so fast!! And look at all the kawaii stationery she sent me.. >w<

 From Japan and Finland!

 From Japan. This was a private swap via Postcrossing. She did not sent only a card, but also other nice stuff! =D

 The cards she sent me. I love them! I used to read "One Piece" when I was younger, and now I got a One Piece card :)

 This is what was inside the envelope from Finland. In exchange for the sticker bags, Essi sent me all these nice pieces of stationery. Thank you!

The postcard she had written her message on. So pretty!


  1. Wow really amazing incoming and outgoing mail amazing.


Thank you for your comment (*´▽`*)ノ゛