Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting More Active at Swap-bot

I haven't been active at Swap-bot for a while since I've been sooo short on money and I kinda lacked the "swapping feeling", especially after so many bad experiences(flakers). Anyway from now on I want to focus more on my penpals, and I prefer spending my money on them than random swap partners (≧◡≦) I'll not participate in any large swaps any longer, but small postcard swaps or other low on cost swaps are okay cuz I still love Swap-bot and swapping!! 

I already joined a few swaps hehehe. And couldn't help myself but host a few swaps myself too (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

These postcards are for "Single View Postcard"-swap. Actually....I thought it was only one partner per the partners were assigned and I went to check my partner..OMG WHERE ALL THESE ADDRESSES CAME FROM?! haha....only then I noticed everyone have actually four partners!! But it's okay~ I sent cards to United States (3) and Singapore (1). How boring, three US addresses.. I'm just happy I myself won't receive from them, otherwise I would be sooo disappointed =(´Д`)ノ

This is going to a girl who I promised to angel to. The envelope is filled with candy! :3

Another envelope with candy inside it. I had a private swap with a woman from Ireland; she promised to send me an Irish postcard as well as US state postcards for my collection and in exchange I sent small candy treats for her children.

To my "Mix of Envelopes" partners in the United States and Switzerland.

Last parcel is going to The United States for my "Unexpected Postcards In An Envelope" partner!:)

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