Thursday, June 6, 2013

Letters and Postcards from California, Turkey, Indonesia

A small swap from a girl in California:
 She had written her message inside the envelope so I had to tear it apart in order to read her letter x_x

This is what she sent me; kawaii memo sheets and envies! :3

And also two postcards to my collection:

This card is from Turkey via Swap-bot(private postcard swap):

The stamp. My first Turkish stamp!

A letter from Indonesia. She sent me a penpal request a while ago. 
Lately I've gotten quite a few penpal/swap requests via my blog and I'm so happy for that. I'm always ready for a private swap but as for now I have decided not to accept any new penpal requests any longer because I already have enough lovely penpals and I want to focus on them!:)

Indonesian stamps.


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