Thursday, May 30, 2013

My top ten favorite postcards I've received (first time scanning pcs!!) ^,^

I've decided to cut down participating in Swap-bot and Postcrossing so naturally here on my blog will be shown fewer mail :( Maybe I'll continue swapping once the Fall comes and I am not so short on money any more ^,^
This is kinda a "filling" entry, my dad bought a new scanner/printer so from now on I'll be able to scan all the postcards I receive and send YAY! I was so excited and already scanned every single postcard and many of my stamps I've received so far:D So that I didn't scan all those cards in vain, I'll now show my favorites!! Maybe you'll see some unseen postcards or if not, at least you can see postcards with better quality than what you've used to see in my blog :D

#1 from Chile
 I simply love this beautiful landscape..♡_♡ It's so serene!

#2 from Malaysia
I like the warm colors and how it represents Jalan Petaling street -- I love to see different architecture, especially traditional Chinese! Whenever I see this card I recall different night street stands with foods I've seen on the TV =D 

#3 from Singapore
I just received this card and I immediately got a strong liking towards it. It's a photo taken in 1968 when Singapore was only 3 years old and this card represents National Day's celebration. I like to learn different countries and nations' traditions and way of lives through the postcards I receive. Also the second thing I love about this postcard is the old buildings in it! I am such a big architecture-lover, maybe I should head to study architecture after high school haha!

#4 from Russia
Okay I think it's needless to explain why this card is on my list (PRO HINT: the architecture and building are amazing/cool/beautiful/interesting etc.) :P 

#5 from Japan
Actually this card was sent to me from the UK but the card itself is Japanese. Cute little boy on his way to school I think ^w^

#6 from Japan
A Japanese geisha. I think traditional Japanese clothes (AND JAPANESE PEOPLE!) are beautiful >x<

 #7 from Singapore
Old street view of Singapore. super love!

#8 from Pittsburgh, United States
 I like this postcard because it shows well Pittsburgh; the high buildings and nature. Somehow this card also gives me a peaceful mind. According to this card Pittsburgh looks like a calm and good place but the reality is that it's just another polluted city with millions of busy and stressed people.

#9 from South Korea
My penpal sent this card to me already a couple of years ago when this blog still didn't exist. The baby in traditional Korean clothes is soo cute^^!

Okay I don't have a 10th favorite card so this turned out to be a top nine list instead xD
After I had scanned all my received cards I couldn't help but feel DISAPPOINTED!(yes it must be written in caps lock and bold text, that's how disappointed I felt) Before I was happy with any cards but now I've became more picky. Most of the cards I've received are your typical tourist cards or cards that are boring, uninteresting, ugly...simply: not to my liking ;( Many cards I've received are nice or pretty, but they just don't cause any kind of feeling or thought inside me. A card showing one's country or city is ok if it's good quality, beautiful or it has something interesting in it. However usually tourist cards are low-quality or ugly -- I would make "My top ten worst postcards I've received"-list but I think it wouldn't be nice if the senders happens to come across my blog and see their cards on my hate-list xD

Anyway to prevent from getting cards I don't like I've made my Swap-bot and Postcrossing -profiles a little more detailed and added "thanks but no thanks"-lists. I will also list here the themes I dislike the most in my cards so you will get the idea:

✿please no MULTI-VIEWS!(two-pictured multi-views are ok but not those where you can hardly see what the card is about...) 
 ✿please no ANIMAL CARDS (exceptions are elephants, pandas and Jetoy cats) 
 ✿please no CRAP QUALITY!!

I am not a nature or animal hater but I definitely do not like them in my cards. If I wanna see a cat I'll go cuddle with my own cat or if I wanna see a flower I'll go and step outside and saunter around my back yard ok!! 

Which of my favorite cards do you like best and do you have some postcard themes you absolutely do not like?


  1. Toi Geisha ja Hanbok kortit on AIVAN ihania :D
    Muista en ite oikee tykänny mut toisaalta en välitä YHTÄÄ noista kaupunki korteista (lisäilin sen iteki postcrossingin profiilin alkuun ku saksalaiset ei oikee ymmärtäny sitä :)).
    Toivottavasti saat tästä eteenpäi mieluisia kortteja :)

    1. hehe jep^^^! Joo mä oonkin lueskellut sun blogia ja aatellut ettet sä varmaan hirveesti tykkää sellasista korteista ku minä (vaikka kaikki kortit mitä sä oot saanut on tosi ihania mun mielestä!) jokaisella on omat mieltymyksensä *^^*
      Mäkin toívon, että alan saamaan hienompia kortteja ;)Kiitos kommentista!

  2. I don't know if you have noticed, the postcard of South Bridge road shows the same hindu temple that I sent you. ^^

    1. In fact, I noticed:) I think it's amazing to see the temple in its environment in the other card so I get an overall picture better~

    2. Come to Singapore! Better "picture"! hahahaha XD

    3. hahaha i will, someday xD

  3. Anyway, here's the colored version of South Bridge Road, before and now - . ^^


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