Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Incoming from S.Korea, HongKong, China, Scotland

From South Korea:
I received a long(!!) letter and some sweets. She always says the right words and cheers me up(she is my most trusted penpal ^_^) We're used to sending to each other big presents but we agreed to cut down with the large things, and send them just once in a while as we're both students and short on money. So nowadays we can send letters more frequently too!!:) 

From Hong Kong:
Nice letter, stickers and tea. Sadly, I don't like tea, so I gave them to my mother.

From China:
The envelope she sent her letter in.

 The letter and small presents; a photo, a panda postcard(I love pandas!!!) and stationery.

From Scotland:
A letter from my long-time penpal. 

I have a big pile of letters which I should reply to but somehow, I have no letter-writing mood :( I don't want to keep my dear penpals waiting for me, so during the upcoming weekend I'll get a hold of myself and get into writing!!!


  1. I'm not a tea drinker myself, but all tea I receive goes to my mom. I even swap tea for her. She's so used to getting the incoming tea by now, I have to ask if I can see it before she tears the package open. XD

    1. How fun! It looks like swapping has became a mutual hobby to you and your mother, it must be nice to share something with her :)


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