Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Letter Sets and Old Postal Stamps

Some purchases I've made this week :)
Seven new letter sets!! :D I couldn't resist when I saw them because they were so CHEAP! And it's not every day when you find cute letter pads! Usually the ones I can find here in Finland are obviously designed for children and there is no way that I would write anything onto a childish princess/doggie/kitty shame-causing piece of paper. I must say, I cannot stand most of the Disney stuffs at all. Why can't they sell letter sets that are designed for us a bit more mature snail mailers as well? I am always jealous of my Korean penpal, she has such precious and stylish letter papers. 

How cute right?!♥ All kind of cartoon hamsters have stolen my heart!! 

I made an amazing discovery at the flea market today! A small bag full of old postal stamps! They cost only 1,50€. I've started collecting stamps, so I simply couldn't leave the flea market without them.

 The bag included postal stamps from Canada, Europe, Japan, etc. The stamps above are all old Finnish stamps. I've been searching Finnish stamps lately, and now I got a few of them :) 
I also got my first stamps from France and Sweden!

However, these two stamps were the most special ones; stamps from Lebanon! 

Lastly, I discovered that the Finnish handcraft materials selling shop Tiimari have expanded their selection and started to sell decorative tapes. I have been waiting for this moment for years(before I have found only some crappy Mickey Mouse tapes that weren't cute at all), and now when I would be finally able to buy something like this in Finland, they cost four damn euros! What they think I am? A millionaire? I guess none of those rolls will ever find themselves in my hands.. I am way too mingy and poor~ (づ ̄3 ̄)づ


  1. Ihania nuo kirjepaperi-setit, varsinkin nuo kolme tuossa edessä! *_*
    Mistä ostit ne?
    Meidän Tiimariin ei ole (ainakaan vielä) tullut tuollaisia koristeteippejä... No, toivottavasti sitten joskus ;)

    1. Kaikki kirjepaperisetit löysin kirpparilta, paitsi tuo pinkki Charmmy Kitty -setti Suomalaisesta Kirjakaupasta ^o^
      Eiköhän sinnekin päin noita teippejä vielä jokupäivä eksy :)
      Kiitos kommentistasi!

  2. Itse asiassa kattelin juurikin tänään tiimarissa noita teippejä ja _niiden hintoja_ ja vaikka ne onkin kuin nättejä, niin kiitos mutta ei kiitos...


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