Friday, January 25, 2013

Private swap Finland+The Netherlands

I had a private swap with Jessica in the Netherlands. We were supposed to send each other five profile based items and I am now going to show what I received from her!

The package looked very neat and pretty!

And this is what were inside the packet. She sent me chewing gum(I forgot to take a picture of them), Cinnamoroll note-book, stickers, postcards of The Netherlands, postal stamps and kawaii/cute envelopes and letter paper sheets. I loved everything she sent for me; especially those letter paper sheets. She sent me dozens of them!! I am always in a never-ending need of writing paper, so it's good!! 

Close-up picture of the stamps. She sent me sooo much of them! I like to explore them.

Some of my favorite stamps. 

 Close-ups of the post cards:

 Thank you so much for everything, Jessica ^_^ 

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