Friday, January 11, 2013

Outgoing swaps and postcards

First a small announcement: 

This is my 4th time I'm hosting this swap, and this time I extended the swap a little; now we send 30 stickers more than previously for our partners. Many people have asked a bigger version of this swap, so here you go ^_^ If you want to join, click here!

Now we shall go to the outgoing mail~

These are for the air mail labels swap I'm hosting currently. I sent Finnish priority labels for my three partners.

Then, the next thee packages are for private swaps. Three ladies asked me to have private swaps with them almost at the same time!! I'm so popular(lol) I could do nothing else than accept their requests as I am that kind of person who finds it hard to say "no" in any kind of situation and turn people down. But also, I sincerely felt excited when they asked me to swap with them and I've had so much fun preparing these swaps^^

This goes for Lou in the States. Our swap theme was "air mail labels and light papers goods as a small extra". So I sent her Finnish air mail labels, news paper sheets, postcard and stamps, as she wanted.

This is for I and Melanie's private candy swap. I sent her different Finnish sweets worth $5. 

This swap will be heading to the Netherlands once I get everything ready for the swap(a few things is still missing before it's ready to be sent). The swap idea is to send five profile-based items. I will send her Nordqvist tea and candy, as can be seen in the picture above, and something else I won't show here on my blog in case my swap partner Jessica comes across this blog(I want the swap to be a surprise for her) ^ . ^

Lastly I'll show you two cards I sent through Postcrossing.
This cute cat card is going Taiwan. I love Jetoy cat cards^^!

This is going to Russia(again!! Whether I request an address on Postcrossing, I get 4/5 of time a Russian address!! At least it feels like that..) I sent her this card because she told on her profile she would like to receive any painting cards. I hope she will like the card I chose for her. 

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  1. I am so excited about our swap!
    I send yours out today!
    Many good mail days for you!


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