Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Air Mail Labels Swap

Long time no see! I hosted a swap called "Air Mail Labels Swap" and this is what I received from my partners.

I got air mail labels from the following countries:
~Switzerland~ She sent me air mail labels from the U.S.A, Germany and Switzerland. As a extra I got three air mail envelopes!!*__* 

~Singapore~ I really like the Singaporean labels. 

~Germany~ German air mail labels and air mail envelopes. I LOOOOOVE AIR MAIL ENVELOPES! =D 


  1. I remembered watching the swap, but I guess I missed sign-up deadline :) The enveloppes do look great! Can I ask you something? How do you make the addresses blury on your pictures? Thank you!

    1. Hi Marijke and thanks for the comment!
      Too bad, maybe you can join the swap next time..:)
      For editing my pictures I use 美图秀秀. (XiuXiu)
      There is an option for blurring ^_^

  2. Oh you also like airmail envelopes & stickers? :) you want to do a swap with me?

    1. Hi Henderica and sorry for replying late.
      I'd love to have a swap with you ^0^
      Just tell me what would you like to swap?
      If you're still interested and see my reply, plz
      send me mail at satsumaimo94[at]gmail[dot]com and
      let's discuss further.


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