Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Quiet December

MERRY XMAS (*・∀<*)!!!
Hope all of you have had a joyful Christmas time~

Long time no see! I haven't really taken any photos of my incoming/outgoing mail on my camera as it's always already getting dark when I only wake up in the "morning" hahahaha. And my camera sucks without any day light ((o(;△;)o)) so these photos are taken on my phone~ I dropped these in the mailbox two days ago!

To my penpal in the states. Sent her masking tape samples and my cute Rilakkuma sticky memo sheets. The letter I wrote turned out to be so long and thick once I put it in the envie I couldn't get it out of there anymore :D 

Postcards I sent(private swaps)

To my frequent swap partner in Taiwan. My last parcel I sent her a couple of months ago had got lost so this is a re-sent one. It was my first time a packet/letter I've sent got lost! 

Another parcel going to Taiwan, to my penpal.

The backside of the envelope.

To a penpal in Canada.


  1. Mulla ei oo kirjeet vielä menny hukkaan, ellei lasketa että mulle ei oo tullu jotakin mitä on pitäny :-)
    Mutta pian saan nähdä mun ekat kaksi postimerkkikirjettä vaihtareilta :-)

  2. Ihana toi Taiwaniin matkannut kirjekuori! :) Kivoja posteja kyllä muutenkin. :)


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