Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Last Ones Left

The last bunch of outgoing mail that I haven't posted here yet!

 The big orange parcel going to my Singaporean penpal. The smaller next to it going to a Taiwanese girl.

 These two parcels are both going to the same girl in Hong Kong. They are filled with tea! A while ago I sent her a few bags of Finnish tea, and she totally loved them and asked me to swap more with her! So I went and bought her two packet of tea. I had to send them in seperate packets because that way the postage was cheaper xD

 Two Finnish maps going to a Singaporean girl who collects them ^_^

 I used my special stamps that I bought. They're released in 1993 and 1994~ They're as old as I am! 

 Karl Fazer going to Japan and the pink envie to Indonesia to a girl who I swapped a few postcards with.

Lastly, these two envelopes are going to my "Let's share our washi/masking tape collections" -partners in Canada and Germany. I hope they'll like my tape designs ^o^


  1. I already got your tapes today and just rated you a bit ago! Loved them :)

    1. Great! I'm happy to hear you liked my tapes ^0^

  2. Package filled with tea! How great is that! :)


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